Transportation of hazardous cargos

The company “TRANSIMPERIAL SIA” provides a full range of services for the transportation of hazardous goods by road. Shipment of such goods is carried out by modern vehicles allowed to transport hazardous goods by road.

All trucks are equipped with full ADR-sets, and the drivers have received additional training on the transportation of each class of hazardous goods.

Specialists of TRANSIMPERIAL have wide experience in organizing the transportation of hazardous goods. They will develop the best routes of cargo for you, provide a complete preparation of all transport documents (CMR, TIR-Carnet and so on) and offer additional cargo insurance.

The company “TRANSIMPERIAL SIA” offers transportation of hazardous goods of all classes according to their physic-chemical characteristics, types and degrees of risk.

You won’t need to worry about the transportation of your goods – everything will be done by the experts of TRANSIMPERIAL!