LTL cargo transportation

Transportation of LTL cargoes by truck is carried out with using consolidation warehouses network in Europe (Germany, Italy, France, Spain, Great Britain, Poland, Lithuania). This allows us to deliver cargo from absolutely anywhere in Europe as soon as possible. Delivery of LTL cargoes can be done to the customs terminals throughout Europe, or to the door of the consignee.

International transportation of LTL cargoes is performed in the shortest time, while high reliability and quality of the services are achieved thanks to close collaboration with the best Western shipping companies and customs brokers, use of wide network of consolidation warehouses in Europe, and responsibility and professionalism of our employees.

Upon receipt of the transport order, LTL cargoes are shipped in the shortest possible time from anywhere in Europe to our closest consolidation warehouse where concurrently the goods of other customers arrive. Then we can offer you either the road delivery by a less-than-truckload cargo vehicles that are sent every week or, if you need emergency transportation of small consignments, delivery is made directly by light vehicles. If there’s no possibility to transship the goods in stock, or the customer doesn’t want to transship, we will provide opportunity to deliver the goods directly by the car in the groupage or separate light vehicle.

All transportation of cargoes from Europe is performed under full control.

The geography of our capabilities in Europe is unlimited. Delivery of goods is carried out from both the most popular destinations (Germany, Italy, Belgium, UK, etc.) and more distant and complex regions (Greece, Croatia, Bulgaria, Turkey, Slovenia).

Our services of cargo transportation include:

- Advising on foreign trade, relations with the shipper of the goods, solution of disputes;

- Arrangement of transportation of less-than-truckload cargoes in transit warehouses in Europe and delivery to anywhere by highly competitive rates;

- Preparing all transport documents (CMR, TIR-Carnet, etc.), customs clearance (export declarations, transit declarations, BDK procedure);

- Express delivery of LTL cargo from Europe by light vehicle;

- Monitoring of cargo (tracking) en route;

- Insurance of cargo;

- Delivery of goods to any customs office.

Services provided by our company on the terminal warehouses include:

- Short-term and long-term storage of any shipments;

- Loading and unloading of goods of any parameters;

- Piece marking of goods with excise marks, any labels / stamps / stickers;

- Palletizing the cargo;

- Weighing;

- Scanning a barcode and creating of databases for the customer;

- Photographing damages, required labels and markings, cargo transshipment recording procedures, labeling, and so on;

- Sorting of goods according to the task set by the customer, counting places.

Customs services provided by our company include:

- Preparing export and transit declarations;

- Re-registration of documents in accordance with customer’s instructions;

- Accepting the transit goods in a customs warehouse, starting BDK clearance procedure - preparing CMR, TIR-Carnet;

- Preparation of specifications by the commodity group codes.