International air transportation

Air delivery, the main advantage of which is, of course, terms of delivery, fully justifies its high price and therefore plays increasingly important role in the logistics of many companies.

The basic activity of TRANSIMPERIAL SIA is the delivery of goods from Asia, Europe and Americas. 

The reasons to choose air delivery of cargoes:

1) Short and accurately forecasted delivery time of your cargo;

2) Geography of transportation – air delivery allows shipping your cargo quickly and accurately to almost anywhere in the world;

3) The high level of safety of your cargo.

Our experts will offer you a reasonable price for your cargo transportation, taking into consideration the terms of delivery.

We can offer you competitive rates for:

  • delivery of goods from China to Europe;
  • delivery of goods from the United States;
  • consolidation of cargoes in China, and assistance in export Customs clearance in China.

International air transportation with TRANSIMPERIAL SIA is:

1) a new level of security of imports with air delivery;

2) an agency network, which allows us to ship cargoes throughout the globe;

3) qualified personnel ready to advise you in the field of international air transportation.